Juliet, Naked (Movies)
Juliet, Naked 2018
είδος: Movies
παραγωγή: 2018
διάρκεια: 105 λεπτά
Κατάλληλο για όλους
κατηγορίες: Drama , Comedy , Romance , Music ,
Jesse PeretzJesse Peretz
Ethan Hawke as Ethan Hawke...
Chris O Dowd as Chris O Dowd...
Rose Byrne as Rose Byrne...
Karol Steele...Cinema Goer /Pub Customer
Azhy Robertson as Jackson CroweAzhy Robertson...Jackson Crowe
Jimmy O. Yang as ElliotJimmy O. Yang...Elliot
Megan Dodds as Megan Dodds...
Lily Newmark as CarlyLily Newmark...Carly
Ko Iwagami as Chatmate KoKo Iwagami...Chatmate Ko
Georgina Bevan as Young JulieGeorgina Bevan...Young Julie
Ayoola Smart as Lizzie CroweAyoola Smart...Lizzie Crowe
Michael Chapman as Deck Chair ManMichael Chapman...Deck Chair Man
Lee Byford...Shopper
Lily Brazier...Ros
Johanna Thea...Rosie /Junior Doctor
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Juliet, Naked is the story of Annie, the long-suffering girlfriend of Duncan, and her unlikely transatlantic romance with once revered, now faded, singer-songwriter, Tucker Crowe, who also happens to be the subject of Duncans musical obsession.